Nick Runciman Located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Cheltenham Rugby Coaching.

Cheltenham Rugby Coaching & Player development 

RFU Qualified coach



Coaching and sports performance training for the individual and teams.


Skill development

Position specific training in attack & defence. inc. core skills(passing,kicking), contact area techniques.

Athlete development

Goal setting & strength and conditioning programs. specific to individual. e.g. Age,fitness level & position. Goal setting related to ambitions & targets in the game aswell as fitness programs.

Programming & advice on developing as an athlete. inc., nutrition/time management.  Mindset and discipline will transfer to social & personal skills. enabling the athlete to have confidence and achieve maximum potential in desired sport.



Skill development 

Drills for whole team/groups/ or individual. Aiming to improve all aspects of the game.  e.g Core skills, rugby related short sided games, handling, offence & defence.

Team development

Sessions & programming looking at team, unit and position training. both rugby coaching and strength and conditioning. Advice & planning of team moves, structures & set piece setups.

Nick Runciman the very best for Cheltenham Rugby Coaching. Contact Nick now for more information



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